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Photos from Debbie Giannopoulos concert at OCU on 11/19/08.

(L to R) Jane Lockridge White, Janet George Herald, Barbara Hardin Giager, Debbie Giannopoulos Mustafoglu, Jan Blevins Allison; Former PCHS counselor, Mrs. Juanita Kidd, and Debbie; Ladies and Dale Hampton, Jeff Giannopoulos (PC '74), Janet and Debbie; Becky Medcalf Vascellaro (PCW '70), Barbara, Jane Jan, Debbie, Mrs. Kidd, Janet, Dale, Jeff

Photos from Rodney Rader's party on 8/18/08 when Gray Theus was in OKC.

(L to R) Joe Hester, Jane Lockridge White, Craig Richards; Jan Shelton; Jan Blevins Allison & Rodney Rader; Gray Theus; Sarah Ogg Freeh & Tom Wright

(L to R) Craig Richards & Chuck Stewart; Christi and Mark Hall; Tom Wright; Sarah Ogg Freeh & Don Hager ('72); Richard Forshee and Craig Richards

Photos from Coach's Restaurant on 6/21/08.

(L to R) Debbie and Richard Forshee, Chuck Stewart and his son and daughter, Rodney Rader and Sarah Ogg Stearman, The Group, Jacki Kyle Richards (PCW'70) and Tom Wright

(L to R) Jacki and Craig Richards, The Group, Jay Lea and family, Donna and Norman Johnston, Christi ('71) and Mark Hall

Photos from golf outing at Rose Creek GC on 6/14/08.

(L to R) Craig Richards, Mike Drake, Janet George Herald, James Dunham; Danny Crain, Bill Sanders, Tom Wright, David Morton, Doug Yarholar, Norman Johnston; The whole group - combination of last two photos; Danny Crain elaborating on his excellent round of golf; Dave Morton, James Dunham, Doug Yarholar, Tom Wright (back), Craig Richards; David Morton, Tom Wright

Photos from dinner group on 6/14/06 at Johnnie's in OKC. Thanks to Tom Wright for sending the photos.

(L to R) Betty Pearson and Tom Wright; Gerald Rasp, Jan Shelton and Joe Hester; Gerald Rasp and Sarah Ogg; Joe Hester and Jane Lockridge White

(L to R) Denise Mathews Tippett, Jane Lockridge White, Jan Blevins Allison, Betty Pearson; Jan Blevins Allison and Jan Shelton

(L to R) Jane Lockridge White and Denise Mathews Tippett; Mark Hall, Mark Hall and Sarah Ogg

Cynthia Fleming St. John and Christy Cargill Best got together in southern California in August, 2005, and had a great time!

A group of classmates got together in June, 2004, when LaJan Vaughn Gartner was visiting Oklahoma City:

L to R: Sharon Gentry, Stephanie Long Smith, Sue Pitzer Wackerly, LaJan Vaughn Gartner and Nancy Hill Tucker

On June 28-29, 2003, Ross Gray hosted a PC golf outing at Shangri-la Resort on Grand Lake in northeast Oklahoma near his home. Everyone had a great time.

1. Our host, Ross Gray

2. A fearsome fivesome, Randy Smith, Richard Forshee, Norman Johnston, Jack Houston (NW Classen '70) and Larry Guthrie.

3. Janet George Herald, Larry Guthrie, Carla Sorensen Guthrie

4. Craig Richards and Norm Johnston

5. Skip Cody and Richard Forshee

6. Craig Richards, his son, Scott and son-in-law, Jeff.

In mid-November, 2002, Randy Smith and Norman Johnston traveled to the DFW area to play golf with Carla Sorensen Guthrie, her husband, Larry, and Janet George Herald.

1. At Carla's home: Carla, Norman, Randy, Janet on the hearth. Larry Guthrie on the floor.

2. Norm and Randy after both made a birdie.

3. Norman and Janet with some fall foliage.

July 20, 2002 - A group of old friends got together for golf at River Oaks Golf Club in Edmond followed by dinner. Thanks to Randy Smith for organizing it.

The Group

Back: Jeff Bergman, Rodney Rader, Richard Forshee, Jay Lea, Gene Whitehead, Dennis Altendorf, Carla Sorensen Guthrie, Mark Hall, Greg Ward, David Pierce

Middle: Jan Blevins Allison, Tom Wright, Kristi Koonce Wire, Sharon Gentry, Debby DeBerry Stone, Karen McLaughlin Altendorf, Ross Gray, Skip Cody, Randy Smith, Mike Drake

Front: Janet George Herald, Mike Storozyszyn, Polly McAuliffe Black, Norman Johnston, Jim Blalock, Craig Richards

1. L to R: (standing) Rodney Rader, David Morton, Skip Cody, Tom Wright, Gene Whitehead, Mark Hall, (seated) Ross Gray, Richard Forshee

2. Norm Johnston, Bill Sanders, Carla Sorensen Guthrie, Richard Forshee

3. Jeff Bergman, Polly McAuliffe Black, Kristi Koonce Wire

4. Greg Ward and Randy Smith  

5. Janet George Herald, Jim Blalock, Carla Sorensen Guthrie

6. Skip Cody, Ross Gray, Gene Whitehead

7. Scott Richards (son of), Craig Richards, Jay Lea, Jeff Bergman

8. Ross Gray, Gene Whitehead, Rodney Rader, Tom Wright

9. Dennis Altendorf, David Morton, Mike Drake, Skip Cody

June 5, 2002 - Polly McAuliffe Black reports that she, Jan Blevins Allison, Kristi Koonce Wire and Gerald Rasp met for lunch last week at Gerald's restaurant, Oklahoma Station BBQ at 50th and Meridian. Here are their photos:

Left: Jan & Kristi - Right: Polly & Gerald

Photos from 50th Birthday celebration weekend in April, 2002.

1. Stephanie Long Smith, Margaret Kubat Weaver, Debbie Smoot Woska, Luelsa Wood LaRue, Jan Blevins Allison

2. Luelsa Wood LaRue, Debbie Smoot Woska

3. LaJan Vaughn Gartner, Stephanie Long Smith, Sharon Gentry

4. Polly McAuliffe Black, Carla Sorensen Guthrie

5. Mary Cieminski Stovall, Sheri Cissell Anderson

6. Debbie Cunningham Clark, Margaret Kubat Weaver, Mary Cieminski Stovall, Carol Hastings Walton

7. Joan Arnold Chism, Carol Hastings Walton, LaJan Vaughn Gartner

8. Debbie Cunningham Clark, Debby DeBerry Stone, Jan Blevins Allison, Tom Wright

9. Janet George Herald, Sharon Gentry

10. Sharon Gentry, Sue Pitzer Wackerly

11. The group with surprise guest, Tom Wright

Below is a picture of Debbie Giannopoulos Mustafoglu and her family taken in New York where her husband, Mike, was honored by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) as a 2002 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient. The Medal is presented to outstanding American citizens from all walks of life who have distinguished themselves among their ethnic groups. Mike was the first Turkish-American to receive the award.

Larry Ishmael worked as a volunteer at the Olympics in Salt Lake City. He was on the slalom slope and got to see some great runs! In the photo below he is standing on the far right.

Photos from 6/23/01 golf outing and dinner. Click to enlarge the pictures.

Baseballteam.JPG (49817 bytes)Stovall-Forshee.JPG (73528 bytes)Golfers.JPG (60572 bytes)

#1 - L to R: (front) Bob Schuman, Tom Wright, Mike Drake; (back) James Dunham, Ron Boyer, Coach Larry Guerkink, Jeff Bergman, Randy Smith

#2 - Mike Stovall and Richard Forshee

#3 - L to R: Gene Whitehead, Ross Gray, Rodney Rader, Jay Lea

#4 - L to R: (front) Tom Wright, James Dunham; (back) Craig Richards, Mike Drake, Greg Ward, Gene Matthews, Jim Blalock, Jeff Bergman, Randy Smith, Mark Hall

#5 - James Dunham and Janet George Herald

Guys on Sat night.JPG (49574 bytes)Dunham-Herald.JPG (78820 bytes)

Carla Sorensen Guthrie and Janet George Herald played golf at Carla's club in McKinney, TX (north of Dallas) in June. Here's a picture of them along with Carla's friend on the right:

Herald-Guthrie.JPG (42093 bytes)