We hope everyone will join us for our 60th Birthday Bash on May 5-6, 2012. See the home page for a link to the invitation and all pertinent information.

Thanks to our Planning Committee in Oklahoma City for all their hard work - Jane Lockridge White, Mark Hall, Karen Miller Hackett, Jan Blevins Allison, Larry Johannes, Christy Carson Hanshew, Sherry Deichman, Polly McAuliffe Black

The following classmates have sent in their reservation:

Joan Arnold Chism (+1)

Jan Blevins Allison (+1)

Dennis Altendorf

Teresa Anderson Prescott

Tom Andrews

Dell Barthel Coutant (+1)

Susan Biles (+1)

Jan Burton Davis (+1)

Christy Carson Hanshew (+1)

Oghi A. (Tony) DeGiusti, Jr. (+1)

Sherry Deichman

Debby DeBerry Stone (+1)

Mike Drake

Janet George Herald

Merle Hackett

Mark Hall (+1)

Bruce Holt

Cindy Gudell Pearson

Michael Hillard (+1)

Larry Johannes

Linda Jones Pogue

Kristi Koonce Wire

Margaret Kubat Weaver

Jane Lockridge White

Polly McAuliffe Black (+1)

Doug McDuff

Karen McLaughlin Altendorf

Karen Miller Hackett

Donna Millican Hopper

Betty Pearson

Gail Rhoades Andrews

Becky Rickard

Susie Ross Curry (+1)

Debbie Smith Drake

Stan Spears (+1)

Mike Storozyszyn

Greg Ward (+1)

Tom Wright (+1)


The following classmates have sent their regrets that they will be unable to attend:

Barbie Arthur Parry

Bill Bayer

TerriLee Bell

Bruce Bowen

Ann Cheney Thayer

Mary Cieminski Stovall

Karen DeGraffenreid

James Dunham

Richard Forshee

Melodie Gentry Toland

Sharon Gentry

Debbie Giannopoulos Mustafoglu

Carol Hastings Walton

Noble Hathaway

Carolyn Husted Pacconi

Helena Hutton

Larry Ishmael

Dana Krone

Stewart Odell

Chuck Penrod

John Priddy

Donna Stagner Grigor

Mike Stovall

LaJan Vaughn Gartner